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California Code of Regulations (CCR) -- The online source for regulations adopted, amended, or repealed by state agencies pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

Administrative Procedure Act (APA) -- The law governing rulemaking by California state agencies.

The California Regulatory Notice Register (Notice Register) -- OAL's weekly publication containing notices of proposed regulatory action and other notices issued by California state agencies.

The California Rulemaking Law Handbook (APA Book) -- Published by OAL and available for purchase, this annotated compilation contains the rulemaking portion of the Administrative Procedure Act, OAL's implementing regulations, other statutes relevant to the rulemaking process, and a comprehensive index.

Rulemaking Checklists and Calculators -- OAL's checklists contain APA requirements for various types of rulemakings, as well as for notices of proposed regulatory action. OAL's date calculators are helpful in planning comment periods and publishing documents in the California Regulatory Notice Register.

Rulemaking Calendar -- The annual list of projected rulemaking activities of state agencies implementing statutes enacted by the Legislature during the previous year and years prior.

Disapproval Decisions -- OAL's written opinions detailing the reason(s) OAL has disapproved a specific proposed rulemaking action.

Determinations -- OAL's written opinions regarding requests for determination on whether or not agency rules or policies constitute "underground regulations."

Forms -- TheStandard Form 400 (required for the submission of regulations or notices with OAL); theStandard Form 399 (the Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement), and "Delegation of Authority" formsDelegation of Authority for STD 400 and Delegation of Authority for STD 399.

What is a Regulation(pdf) -- Step-by-step analysis of what is legally defined as a "regulation" and what must be adopted pursuant to the APA.