July 1, 2017 Effective Date

Regulations Effective July 1, 2017 (Regulations Filed With The Secretary of State from March 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017 Inclusive)

Government Code sections 11343 and 11344 (as amended by Statutes 2012, chapter 295 (SB 1099)) require an agency to post regulations approved by OAL and filed with the Secretary of State on that agency’s website in an easily marked and identifiable location. The regulations must be posted within 15 days of OAL filing a state agency’s regulation with the Secretary of State.  This information must be kept on the agency’s website for at least six months. This is a table of agency links for approved and regulations filed with the Secretary of State within the time frame set forth above.

Agency NameOAL File NumberSubject of RulemakingContact PersonTitle(s) and SectionDate Filed with SOSEffective DateRegulation Link Filed with SOS
Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board2017-0217-03SAirborne Contaminants - Wood Dust and Western Red CedarMarley HartTitle 8

Amend: 5155
Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board2017-0217-04GISO Section 4306Marley HartTitle 8

Amend: 4306
State Lands Commission2017-0206-01SMarine Invasive Species Act Enforcement and Hearing ProcessPatrick HuberTitle 2

Adopt: 2299.01, 2299.02, 2299.03, 2299.04, 2299.05, 2299.06, 2299.07, 2299.08, 2299.09
Fair Employment and Housing Council2017-0210-01SConsideration of Criminal History in Employment DecisionsBrian SperberTitle 2

Amend: 11017.1
Department of Insurance2017-0207-09SException Requests for Prescription Drug Prior Authorization and Step TherapyChristopher CitkoTitle 10

Amend: 2218.30
Board of Equalization2017-0202-02Interest and PenaltiesRichard BennionTitle 18

Amend: 1703