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California Regulatory Notice Register

California Regulatory Notice Register

The Notice Register Index covers the past twelve months and is sorted by agency name. You can find the text of a notice under the Notice Register tab (above), using the publication date or register number to locate the Notice Register in which that notice was published. 

2015 California Regulatory Notice Register Publication Schedule 

2014 California Regulatory Notice Register Publication Schedule


The California Regulatory Notice Register ("Notice Register") contains notices of proposed regulatory actions by state regulatory agencies to adopt, amend, or repeal regulations contained in the California Code of Regulations. A state agency must complete its rulemaking and submit the rulemaking file to OAL within one year of the date of publication of a Notice of Proposed Action (“Notice”) in the Notice Register. (Government Code Section 11346.4(b))

Notice Publication Deadline

OAL publishes the Notice Register every Friday. To be published, a Notice must be received by OAL no later than 10 calendar days before the publication date. Section 5, Title 1, California Code of Regulations describes what an agency must submit with its Notice.

The Notice for a rulemaking must be published at least 45 calendar days before the close of the public comment period and public hearing, if a hearing is scheduled (Government Code section 11346.4(a). The following is the Notice Register Publication Schedule which identifies the required deadline date for OAL to receive the Notice for publication in order to meet the desired date for the close of the public comment period and for the public hearing, if a hearing is scheduled:

2015 California Regulatory Notice Register Publication Schedule 

How to Subscribe to the Weekly Hard Copy Notice Register

An annual subscription to the California Regulatory Notice Register is available for purchase online from Barclays. You may also place an order by telephone at (800) 888-3600.